New York based Australian architect, Amee Allsop, has a distinct approach to architecture which she describes as an amalgamation of 'the city and the sea.'  A theme discovered along her journey from the South Pacific coastline to the iconic New York City. She is continually inspired by the contrast of landscape and dense verticality. In addition, working with renowned Australian architect Peter Stutchbury encouraged a rigorous understanding of place, form and assembly.  More recently after spending some time at NYC practice, Matthew Baird Architects, she started her own studio. 

Her design process considers space, proportion, light and materiality whilst working closely with the client and site. Quality materials and craftsmanship is important so that a space does not feel 'disposable' but rather timeless and inspiring. In the spirit of Australian living, the designs elevate the simple and beautiful essentials of living - such as a bathtub in an open bedroom - and embody a minimal lifestyle, rich in detail.